Krisanthi Pappas


AND THE SUN WILL SHINE CD (includes The Voice)

Purple Jazz Waltz

Krisanthi Pappas
Music & Lyrics by Krisanthi Pappas



In, the, purple part of the sky,

There’s, a, wonderful place up high.

That’s where I go when I’m dreaming that I can fly.


In, the, garden where flowers grow,

I-ris, and african violets glow.

I smell the lilacs whenever the breezes blow.


Pur-ple, lav-en-der,

Indi-go, fu-chsia.


In, the, purple part of my mind,

There’s, a, magical place I find.

That’s where I go when I want to know you are mine.


Music & Lyrics by Krisanthi Pappas © Krisanthi-To-Mum Music Publishing /ASCAP