Krisanthi Pappas


AND THE SUN WILL SHINE CD (includes The Voice)

I've Always Been Cool

Krisanthi Pappas
Music & Lyrics by Krisanthi Pappas


I was never voted as the best looking

but people always look to see what I’ve got,

I was never great at home cooking

but I know how to keep things hot!


I was never the most popular

but I didn’t walk home alone from school,

‘cause one thing that I had, and everybody knew it,

I’ve always been cool.


As cool as a cucumber out of the fridge,

as cool as the view from the Brooklyn Bridge,

as cool as the sunglasses on your face,

as cool as the walking bass.


I used to sit alone in the summertime sun, 

but just like the lifeguard at a swimming pool,

everybody wanted to hang around me ‘cause,

I’ve always been cool.


As cool as a high diver acing a flip,

as cool as a convertible cruising the strip,

as cool as the ocean in the summer,

as cool as a drummer!


The twinkle in my eye couldn’t get much clearer,

the strut in my step says I’m nobody’s fool,

one thing I remember when I look in a mirror,

I’ve always been, since birth I was, can’t help that I’m,

(2 bars) I’ve always been, cool.


Music & Lyrics by Krisanthi Pappas © Krisanthi-To-Mum Music Publishing /ASCAP